At Los Gatos Glass, you’ll find only the highest quality frameless shower enclosures and custom hardware. All types of glass and hardware are available to suit your needs, along with custom glass options such as our chipped edge glass shower enclosures and our custom curved glass, frameless showers, and railing systems. When it comes to excellence in glass products, Los Gatos Glass is surpassing all others.

In addition to our fine selection of custom glass, shower enclosures and more, we’re also happy to provide you with the newest hardware available. Choose from top of the line name brands as well as custom fabricated hardware and a wide variety of styles to suit every decor and demand.

Let the light in and expand your interior space without expanding at all. At Los Gatos Glass, our glass sliding walls offer unique solutions to interior design challenges. They serve as both an unobtrusive room divider and an entryway, adding a sense of openness to homes and offices. Ask us about our beautiful sliding glass walls.

We know how it feels to search high and low for just what you want and never find it. That’s why Los Gatos Glass is pleased to offer custom glass work for a variety of needs. Whether it’s unique styles of shower enclosures to a custom glass wall or stair rail, we’ll work closely with you to deliver your desired results. Just ask us for details about your custom order.